Liberation Day Celebrations

This wall of cops convinced me to turn around and go home.

Hey, looks like my home neighbourhood is pretty alive.

Special 70th anniversary lanterns.

The street is mostly closed off in front of Gwanghwamun.

Hey, he looks a little familiar.

Also, this music sounds familiar. Do I know those guys?

"Who here likes reggae?"
[thousands of people cheering]
Have I arrived in an alternate dimension?

Couldn't really get close to the band, so here are my pictures of the crowd.

Standing on a planter to watch No Brain perform.

No Brain is joined on stage by a big crowd of what look like prostitutes, but are more likely K-pop idols.

Easier than taking the picture myself.

Back to people-watching. This picture somehow misses the high enthusiasm of this moment.

This one older woman does a good job of expressing the mood of the night.

Sorry there are no returning soldiers smooching nurses.

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