This is one of the two Geumhwa Apartments on top an especially precarious hillside overlooking the western edge of downtown.

And here we are right in the midst of Donuimun New Town.

There are still a few buildings in this area that are fully functional, including the one I'm standing on.

How would you like to live next to this? I bet you'd never complain about the truck vendors again.

I was curious about that inflatable little cave down there. Just rain protection? It was raining lightly when I took this.

Building up.

That road again.

Looking outside the zone, where my favourite twin apartments still stand. That house to the right is something I used to watch for years, until it was bought up and renovated into this actually quite nice structure.

Sole guard walking toward me. After my experience with Neil Ta, I know better than to stick around long.

This shows a building skirt, my term, as it shimmies its way up and like magic exposes a fully constructed building as it goes.

This is how humans get the same results.

Made in Xii.

This weird little passage too me a while to figure out. It's so you don't have to walk on the road where the sidewalk was demolished. Way too bouncy to offer any comfort for pedestrians; I'd rather face traffic head-on.

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