Secret Bunker

Funny considering the last picture I'd taken before this, two days earlier, was the same breed of dog.

There's that Korean flag I photographed being put up earlier this week.

That is...not pleasant.

I could only photograph objects nearby.

I think I'd rather die in a nuclear attack than be forced to live here.

There was black sludge in the toilet, which I say is oil poured in to protect the toilet and Jeong-woo first thought was the obvious thing.

Another washroom.

Well, I can see the door halfway across the room.

Wandering around.

I wonder what this is.

Another room.

Up top, we found laundry hanging and a truck.

And a generator.

Looks like there are buses coming.

Really curious what this is. My best guess is it's for pumping water out.

This door was locked from the inside, so I could let the other guys out with all my gear, then I climbed out.

A nearby site we're going to be investigating.

Chinese food.

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