Broke in Korea 21 Release at Second Saturdays

The sky was nice that day.

This issue was total garbage.

Wandering around Hongdae with 70 zines.

I can't throw these out fast enough.

The clouds were glowing in the sunset so I went up the nearest roof. I was probably a little too late though.

I stopped by Channel1969 to see Dead Chunks.

Giving out more zines in advance of the actual zine release.

Over at Ruailrock for soundcheck.

First band was Green Flame Boys. They plugged the zine.

Second band was ...Whatever That Means.

Only Trash and the drummer were ever standing in flattering light.

There's Jeff in the shadows of stage left.

Jonghee and Booil did an acoustic Rux set.


A closer look at Jonghee's tattoos.

And leg tattoos.

Stools were brought out for this set.

They almost had to cancel because doctors found a tumour in Booil's brain. But the surgery wasn't for two more days, so he did the show anyway. Here's hoping he's

Follow the arrow.

Polish girls being Polish.

Being more Polish.

Jeff relaxes on the side of the stage during Bettyass.

Green Flame Boys made a five-minute operatic song after their favourite porn star? We named our band after ours!

Then we went for food.

There were Swedish people there too.

Meat and Broke in Korea.

I completely can't remember whose feet these are. The Swedish girl's?

Oh crap, the Sun is coming up.

This is my first all-nighter in a long time.

I forget why I took his picture.

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