There's been a lot of demolition since last visit.

Here's our crew.

A calendar is a great thing to draw on your wall, until next month.

I don't think I've ever found abandoned Halloween decorations before.

Enah looks a little worried by this pumpkin-headed creature.

From higher up, we get a better view of the remaining apartments.

There's one that's almost completely knocked down.

Most of the apartment units are incredibly cramped, but this mirror helps.

Interesting calendar image showing Korea interspersed with the rest of the world.

And a clock in the same room.

This room had a very interesting tree drawing all over the walls and ceiling.

The body collection creates a clean and comfortable feeling and adds refreshing enjoyment to daily life. toilet seat cover with a cute chick!

We found some abandoned mail with this magazine. Looks like it belonged to a religious group that was very evangelical.

We found what appears to be a stencil for spraypainting "empty house" on walls. Usually it's just hand-drawn.

The Facebook-taggable version.

Abandoned cuckoo clock.

Homeless cuckoo.

Flowers on the Hills
but if I could understand What are you root and all and all in all, I should know what God and man is.

Not quite sweat-drenched and sunburned yet.

A family on the wall.

We had to cross through a huge rubble field to get where we wanted to go.

This is a completely collapse dapartment. Usually the way demolition is done, it's chewed down from the top, meaning the roof wouldn't be visible like this. My first impression was that this was an accident.

It looks like the whole thing collapsed at once.

Another one tipped over.

And a third. This means it wasn't an accident, but apparently a new demolition technique I've never seen before. Likely it's more suitable for this area because these are quite isolated from the rest of the city.

We all know not to get too close.

Have a look at this panorama and this one.

Looks more like Nepal.

Here's another example. It appears they made a roungly 45-degree line and just pushed it until it fell over.

We went up to the same roof I'd been on last time. There was a nice breeze so we all sat there for way too long.

It was decided we'd try to get into one of these commercial buildings.

Another very evangelical church.

The second floor was flooded.

Turns out the school next door is shut down too.

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