The concert is starting.

This old woman was selling all sorts of glowing toys.

The first band was called Gom-Gomi Band, but it looks more like this is Icy Cider. I've never heard of them before and I don't know if their name has a better translation, but they were pretty good.

The old woman wasn't afraid of the music.

Everybody remained sitting for most of the show.

I think this is Kim Gurim.

Next is Biuret.

I ran into the mayor again.

He was busy posing for photos.

Next act was Lia.

It was a hot day.

Finally, Crying Nut.

People are standing!

Now they're actually right up to the stage.

I got yelled at by a volunteer for coming back here.

And here.

Guess who he's waiting to photograph.

The mayor comes in for one song.


Afterwards, we went for late-night fish by Nakwon Arcade.

The octopi watched us carefully to see what we would order.

I think this one was voguing.

Relax, we got the fish.

This is what it looks like the weekend after.

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