Seodaemun Overpass

First, here are a few buildings behind Samsung Hospital that might be destroyed as part of the Kyonam New Town project.

Here's a highrise I found down in Gangnam that looks like it's getting demolished.

And here's Seodaemun Overpass.

Next I went up a nearby highrise to get a different vantage. First, here are the other directions. This looks toward the Geumhwa Apartments and Gyunggi University.

An interesting old house down there in need of roof repairs.

There's Kyonam New Town itself.

I wonder what this is.

There's City Hall.

Finally my attention is back on the overpass.

Down on the street, I saw where people were entering.

I decided to wander around down here a bit more.

A few seconds after taking this, I realised that the banner on the right said that Crying Nut would be performing on the overpass soon.

I hurried back to figure out the details.

Here's the Seodaemun District Mayor Mun Seok-jin.

A stage was set up at the northeast end.

The guy posing for me is Choi Ha-kyung, who runs an organisation that receives MOFA money and offers events for bloggers.

There was a dance group on the bridge.

A good chance for some street photography, literally.

There were many people with staff banners around.

The ropes made it a bit harder to get closer to the edge and see over.

Or, they should have.

Taken a second after the woman on the right pushed the warning sign out of her face.

There was a closing ceremony with speeches at 7.

This one kid was really excited every time people clapped and would jump around.

Mayor Mun gives a speech.

Time to wander off and take more pictures.

I don't think I could rollerblade up there.

This guy spent a lot of time setting up pictures of this bear. I'm not sure if it was his.

I got one or two without him there.

A happy nuclear family.

A more happy, less nuclear (right now) family.

People of all ages genuinely enjoyed the experience.

And the artwork.

Look out for the fish.

Time to paly.

They had a series of photos showing the area before and during construction of the overpass.

Hey mac, can you hear me?


The arm moved the baton up and down.

Looks like he put on makeup that morning.

Starting to get dark.

A woman and her dog.

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