Kitsches / Dead Gakkahs Split CD Release

I arrived in time for Bamseom Pirates.

Mizno was aiming the very hot light studio light at Yongman's face for me.

Is Yeji eating ice cream?

Huqueymsaw and some flash interference.

The drummer always looks so mopey. I guess it could be the makeup.

There's that flash again.

Next was Find the Spot.

The spot has been found. It's on the ceiling of the venue. Okay, show's over.

It seems despite the spot having been found, the set continues.

Clayton came in to move the proceedings along efficiently.

Youngsam really likes sharing beer.

Outside with the Moseses.

Iain and Clayton decided to give me a suggestion for the cover of Broke in Korea 21.

No, no thanks.

Time for more beer.

Next is Dead Gakkahs.

Which is better, this one...

Or the one with more natural colour?

Yeah, hi, Jihoon.

Time to get behind them again.

Mizno really looks like a muppet here.

Better? Somehow my only two pictures from this sequence that worked were the goofiest. No wonder I have the reputation I have.

Must be something he said.

That's probably the best you can hope for, Mizno.

This is going in my Yelp review.

Oh great, they're multiplying.

Across the street.

Around now, I ended up having to delete a bunch of pictures.

So what I deleted must be pretty bad versus Iain and Clayton playing in traffic.

Looks like the drunks win.

Time for the Kitsches.

I didn't get many good opportunities to photograph Jaehyeon.

So I'll take whatever I can get.

Having a drink.

He looks like he just got a bunch of socks for his birthday.

One of the amps fell over.

Clayton is spending a lot of time on the floor.

Everyone patiently waits for them to get up.

You wouldn't guess by looking at her that she plays harder, faster music than you.

Wicked dance move.

Well, beats this.

And down he goes.

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