Nope, everything seems pretty active here.

This room is under renovation. Is that enough to cross this whole area off my list?

A few years too late for that one.

Every five or ten minutes, there was a plane.

It always amuses me to see the names of my friends.

I'm having trouble translating this banner but it seems possibly connected with redevelopment of this area.

Over on the other side of that hill, there is an old market area with a lot of homes that are sealed up like this.

This is what's supposed to be coming here.

I got up on a roof for a better view.

That area below me seems to have a high vacancy rate stretching into the distance to the upper left.

At the far end is a still active market.

Well made.

I went down and wandered down each alley.

This cat seemed surprisingly not that scared of me.

This cat, on the other hand...

I decided to find the nearest vet clinic to buy some cat food.

Too lazy to be petted.

A typical eviction notice.

This is just looking through a hole in a gate.

I was impressed by this concrete flower art.

Starting to get closer to the market.

I crossed the street, bought cat food, and came back, running into this guy in a wheelchair.

Take note of the little girl's dinosaur shirt.

Completely different girl about ten meters behind her. Must be a sale?

There's a handful of elderly people loitering down there.

Maybe I should've gotten pizza for those cats?

Anyway, I got back to the cats, to find one of them sitting inside an open doorway with an attentive elderly woman watching me. She saw how well I got along with the orange one, she came out. I had intended to leave a can of cat food for the cats, but instead I handed it to her, telling her that my own cats are already pretty fat. She gratefully accepted, and I told the cats to eat well and walked away.

Leaving the area took some time, as I kept finding different approaches for photographing it.

There really is quite a tight elderly community in this area.

The future has no stoops for them to hang out on.

Another market entrance, where I spent quite a bit of time waiting for that black car to move.

It was nearby, so I stopped by the Magok expanse as well. Construction does seem to be moving a bit faster, but there's still a lot to fill in.

Ah, nature.

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