Gay Pride Parade

From above, the festival has the entire plaza area, with Christian protesters in the lower right corner and gathered together in front of Deoksugung. There probably were more people on the Christian side than the gay side there.

A closer look at the Christian protesters and festival security precautions.

This is where people got into the festival. Apparently the entrance through a gauntlet of riot police moved to other corners from time to time.

I'm a bit surprised they're demolishing that building, which I think was a tax office.

A closer look at the tightly packed Christian protesters.

It's not a right-wing counter protest without some reminder that North Korea exists. Because of course the gay pride festival is pro-North Korea.

Coming up any subway exit is a little daunting.

Seems pretty tasteless bringing your kids to an anti-gay protest. At this age, they're not even heterosexual yet.

I missed a lot of crazy Christian performances.

One very confusing sign. No sex for anyone? Also, if lesbians can transmit AIDS by kissing, then anyone can. Also worth mentioning, HIV is relatively uncommon among lesbians, with most cases likely linked to heterosexual contact or drug habits rather than anything two women can do together.

I think I heard that this pastor was from the megachurch in Yeouido.

Nice to see people being careful around subway vents, despite absolutely no precautions seemingly in place.

There were quite a lot of protesters by the subway exits.

I think this is the poster claiming that AIDS costs way too much tax money, which is ridiculous, untrue, and ignores the demographics of HIV-positive people in Korea.

Seen from across the street.

A crowded subway exit.

It turns out there's a labour protest up on that billboard.

A brief stop by the Golden Plot in Sogong-dong.

The new WDI compilation?

So the message is that nuclear families are the only way?

Cops at the top of the stairs.

An anti-gay parade marches through.

Aboveground, the parade was starting.

The police linked arms along the side of the road to keep the protesters back.

Looks like I photographed someone I know.

Here's one of the protesters.

This guy tried to disrupt the parade and the police quickly carried him off.

This guy was less willing to move aside.

The front of the parade advances forward.

The police fall into position ahead of the parade.

And here is the parade now.

I tried to photograph the parade with most people facing away from me.

There's the Metropolitician again. He had a lot to say on Facebook but his website has been quiet.

There were a few Christians who were on this side.

A moment later he flipped this around and showed the English side.

The sign on the right says "Citizens of Sodom and Gomorrah != Homosexuals." That story of the Bible seemed to be more about rape than homosexuality. Then Lot impregnated his daughters in his sleep or something.

There's Jesus and his mom.

And here the Raelians arrived.

When I saw a dad carrying his daughter on his shoulders, I said to myself, "Finally a good parent."

I took a shortcut through Myeongdong to see more of the parade.

There are the Raelians again.

Spiderman high-fived me.

The parade heads back toward City Hall.

Yes there were bagpipes.

The crazy Christians come into view again.

Back at City Hall. I'm impressed they made it this year.

Maybe next year, Christians.

I get wanting the mayor out, but where do they expect gay people to go exactly, anyway?

The streets are still empty.

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