Autocratics CD Release

The owner of Badabie was taking a nap outside.

Janghyup would be a good spokesman for vitamin drinks.

The first band was Johnstockton, which is made up of former members of Beach Valley. Their performance started as rock and gradually became more and more ska.

Next was the Pegurians.

I used my prime lens for a short while to cope with the low lighting.

Next band was Skasucks, which now has Janghyup in it.

I was closest to him so I got mostly pictures of him this time.

On the other side of the stage was Goyang and Jong-oh.

Goyang seems to be trying to hump the organ.

I got relatively few pictures of Jinsuk because he was mostly moving around off the stage.

Getting wiped down.

Jinsuk blends in with the audience.

It was still light outside.

Last was the Autocratics, who I guess refer to themselves as "post 2tone."

I think I took this while getting a kebab.

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