Another Abandoned Neighbourhood

There's already been a fair amount of demolition.

Steep stairs.

The sky was surprisingly clear.

There's an active Buddhist temple just to the right.

Inside an abandoned church.

Minnie Mouse and a blue thing on a toilet.

The rocky slope reminds me of another abandoned neighbourhood I visited a few years ago, probably where those highrises in the distance are now.

There's that church.

The front door to this building was locked up, but getting in through a window was easy enough. It looked like there may have been one resident remaining on the top floor.

A closer look at the temple.

This is in the opposite direction.

This isn't something I see very often: the shape of copper pipes under the floor.

The wind was making this pattern twist around a lot.

It would've been fun to be here when they poured this concrete.

A violin was left in the garbage.

There must be an evictee office here.

One wall of a noraebang.

Whatever this is, it's terrifying.

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