In the morning, Sanbangsan was still cloudy.

We got up for an early breakfast, after Andre had already left.

I remember going up on this last night.

Here are the fishing vessels in the daytime.

Sanbangsan from the shore.

Tyler gradually realised that ll those orange floating things belonged to the haenyeo, the elderly women out in the water diving for seafood.

We stayed and watched for a while.

That's an interesting shaped island over there.

We went out to this lighthouse and back.

Is that a submarine?

As we were driving around we passed a hyanggyo, and I dragged Tyler there for a quick look. Nobody else was there and it was all open.

The grass was nice, but I guess I'm just too used to Sungkyunkwan.

Out on the coast again.

Tyler wants to be a haenyeo.

Interesting coloured rock.

We found another picturesque village along the coast.

They sure like these weird dome shapes.

Building snot. Really not sure what causes it.

We came across a windfarm.

There are old sites like this all over the island that were clearly old buildings sometime a long time ago.

Curious what kind of ship that is out there.

This apparently was where the haenyeo would scrub up.

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