Hi, kids! Let's go to the circus!

Apparently that hill is where they hold the fire festival, which sees the whole hillside on fire.

It's not as neat on the outside as it is on the inside.

This is what it looks like on the inside.

I'm going to share a series of pictures to show how I do these. This first one is just a blank before the action started.

First row.

Second row.

Third row.

Fourth row, cut off unfortunately.

Fifth row.

Third and fifth.

First and second.

I think first, third, and fifth is my favourite.

The clown wants silence.

No talking on the phone during a performance.

A rare unmasked shot which somehow looks weirder than the clown face.

Anyway, here it is with just clowns.

Actual circus.

Tyler fires an arrow, killing one of the clowns.



I wasn't satisfied with the exposure on the dragon face.

A little cut off but better.

Clowning also takes a certain amount of administrative work.

So far I'd been ignoring the actual stage itself.

Setting stuff up.


I liked this picture of Tyler and his reflection.


Stage detail.

This thing was larger than it looks.

Where did all the clowns go?

I saw Tyler coming through this door backstage and stopped him to take this.

Then I clowned it.

Performers' entrance.

Tyler was a little less patient than me.

We're surrounded by clowns!

At first I thought this was a porta-potty.

Clowns are hard to toilet-train.

I was too lazy with this one.

Lonely chair performs to audience seating.

They also had quad rentals.

Tyler wants to find abandoned quads.

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