Jeju Island Hotel Resort

This is very much not where we are.

Only a few seconds after taking this, we realised we were about to pass in front of a security shack. Time to double back and take the hard way in.

Somehow we'll get over there.

Other explorers haven't been so lucky.

Are we getting closer?

Oh look, a road.

Very close now.

Inside, we found stuff growing.

The courtyard was the most interesting part of this place to me.

Sorry, empty chair.

There's the security shack.

Getting up to the roof meant carefully stepping over more pigeon crap than I've ever seen.

Surrounded by farmland.

And this.

Very well built, I'm sure.

Tyler knows what the Internet wants.

Coming down the pigeon-crap-smeared stairs.

This bird had a very interesting song.

Zooming in closer might help identify it.

A hasty escape in view of someone who was probably security.

The brush here was pretty thick.

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