Going to Jeju

One last look at Seoul.

This is the second time I've gone through this type of blower arch thing. The first time was when I visited Kim Ilsung in his mausoleum.

Glad to see there wasn't a huge lineup.

From my hotel roof, I could see the big red Arario Museum across the street.

Magpie Jeju is just around that corner.

Considering I was at the southern end of the world's busiest air corridor, I had a lot of opportunities to photograph planes coming in.

Looking in the other direction, there was a small but lively amusement park, a McDonald's, and an otherwise pretty normal area.

Getting around on this roof was a little hairy. I lost a sandal and decided to go back for it later.

I found another way on top of another roof section, looking down on the crazy narrow concrete beams I'd crawled around on earlier. You can see the ladder leading up on the side of that chimney.

I figured I should also take a few shots looking inland, despite the cloud cover blocking out any geographic features.

That house is not in good shape.

I went up another roof which offered a slightly better view just at blue hour.

Here's another airplane.

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