RAS Garden Party

I stopped by Susubori Academy to pick up their contribution. The picture immediately got a little awkward when Dan stretched out a hand just as I was taking a picture of their supply.

Unloading at the US ambassador's residence.

Susubori's supply transferred to an icebox.

Mr Shim patrols the grounds.

The books were set up for sale.

Yonjoo supervises the hell out of everything.

Brother Anthony welcomes everyone.


Yonjoo and Cho Insook.

Then a photobomb from behind.

American Ambassador Mark Lippert gives a welcoming speech in front of his home.

I decided to go around to the other side to get a picture of him without the scar, but his hand is still bandaged on this side.

Crowd shot again.

Brother Anthony grabs the mic to introduce...

...UK Ambassador Charles Hay, the honorary president of the RASKB.

Yonjoo photobombed this shot.

Becca from Susubori tries to poison me with some of the best cheongju I've ever had.

A fourth-generation American-Korean, Anne has me in her sites.

I think this is Ambassador Lippert's dog.

OMG the ambassador is running a dogfighting ring!

The ambassador changed into plainer clothes. If this guy sat next to me at a bar, I probably wouldn't pay attention, until I noticed the scars and the Secret Service agents.

The cat in the gat.

Anne grabs the dog.

Bae Su-ja gets a picture.

Heading out, we passed by City Hall.

Located in Tongin Market, which we walked through looking for more places to drink.

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