The Hunt for Captain Q

So many of these homes remind me of Yeonhee-dong before all the renovations.

I'm hoping this is just facing the wrong way.

I've certainly seen bigger abandoned neighbourhoods. In this direction, this one only stretches as far as those four-storey buildings in the distance, which are on the other side of a street.

The roofs here are probably the most interesting feature.

Immediately at the bottom of the frame is an abandoned playground which we'll see later. The abandoned area probably stretches to that university building, but that section is slower to empty out.

There is still a lot of real estate left in the area to destroy.

The guitar graveyard. I count five.

All have had the neck smashed this way, at least the electrics.

I thought the church on the right was a Kim Swoo-geun construction, but checking my work it appears not.

This picture was sort of a hologram.

Most of the interiors were gutted and trashed out.

Too bad I can't read Korean and understand what this is telling me not to do, right?

This yard had bamboo.

Before excavation starts, check the gas piping.

Hey, an organ. Not capable of music.

These birds served as adequate models.

Maybe someone here wet the bed?

Looking uphill.

The roofs around here are nice but sort of hard to capture in a meaningful way.

Whatever this was, it is one of the worst things I've ever smelled in an abandonment.

The only reason I share this is because I will have all three of them in better photographs later.

There was at least a five-minute gap to the taking of this picture.


I get why people like flowers, but why would anyone think this works?

Kitchen window view.

Lots of furniture has been abandoned. Presumably this came with the unit and didn't belong to the last tenants.

There are the other two from that previous picture, riding a skateboard down the hill.

Not an abandonment without some trace of a grandfather or cuckoo clock.

Back to the guitar alley.

I was initially amused by the idea of an abandoned playground tied off with warning tape, but this structure was actually extremely unsound.

Over by the university.

I headed further uphill and found that the area extended farther than I first thought.

Focused on the wrong part I guess. I wish the fly on its nose was in better focus.

I waited for a couple minutes for the Sun to come back on this scene before giving up.

Smashed gate.

Soccer ball!

That's a lot of cardboard boxes. You'd think in a neighbourhood being evicted, these would be extremely valuable for all people moving out.


This glove caught my attention because I recently saw the episode of King of the Hill where all the Manger Babies except the octopus are destroyed.

Better lighting, but I didn't want to walk over all that glass again.

Out in normal society, check out how steep the grade of this road is. This microvan is parked with emergency brake on, but no thought to turning the tire into the curb to brace it.

This grocery store is surrounded by turtle statues.

Not a pretty place to park scooters or shopping carts.

Mission accomplished.

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