Roof Cats

Let's start with an older picture I missed from last month. Buster started hanging out next to the litter box. According to a lot of websites, cats might do this if they have urinary problems, which Buster has had. But he only does it when I'm sitting at the kitchen table where I have a good view of him. He otherwise never does this. And the thing by his paws is cat barf.

Looking out the kitchen window, you can see a couple orange cats down there. I think the closer one is the mother, and you can see a kitten a little farther away, and possibly one other hugging the wall. I think there are three kittens in total.

Zooming in on the last picture.

Millie and Buster are intently interested.

Glad the MERS scare isn't keeping the traditional Korean Street Churros from doing good business.

Buster is sunset-coloured.

Checking on the roofcats.

Millie doesn't check on them that much, but when she gets up there she takes over the windowsill and doesn't let Buster in.

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