A stop by a construction site I visited a few weeks ago.

This has to be the greatest playground ever.

Looks like they're building a tunnel over there.

Through the trees I spotted a cluster of old shanties.

I saw a familiar face there.

I didn't want to spend much time in the interiors.

This seems to be the community center for the area.

They've already done a lot of demolition.

There's an active Buddhist temple.

This very old Hanok looked like it had a lot more history to it than its upkeep suggested.

Due to someone being inside, all I got a chance to see was this closet area.

Next I went over to the cluster I'd seen through the trees.

I found an old greenhouse skeleton.

This place was pretty thoroughly cleared out.

The calendar was dated to October 2011.

There's a lot going on off in the distance.

Too bad they weren't open.

An old painting left out in the elements.

Looks like they had a kid learning Korean.

And that biker is still there.

Here's a wall with a bike built in.

Heading back up the mountain.

This is the way in and out for the whole area.

That's one tacky power plant over there.

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