Galaxy at Night

One look at the infamous tower.

That's one bigass shovel.

Still a lot of light out.

Looks like some kind of security post.

As it got darker, we started to wonder where the rest of our group had disappeared to.

The tower lit up with all sorts of construction lights.

I'm honestly not impressed by it up close, but further away it looks huge.

Pretty interesting lighting.

Another look at the tower.

Finally we all met up.

Paul poses.

And Jaeeun.

And all of us. It's hard to make Justin look like the smallest member of the group.

Once I took this, I realised the time was ripe to wander through the whole area.

We found a Rascal graveyard where parts from Rascals were all strewn about. Move over, airplane graveyard.

Weedy leaning pole.

Pictures like this took several minutes.

I liked how the buildings reflected the light.

Looks like I got an airplane.

Throughout the walk, I might have seen about five remaining occupancies.

Here's another one, just up on the top floor of this stairwell.

And this occupies a very different place.

Afterparty at a Busan odaeng place, where we had yuja soju and some very good samchi fish.

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