Galaxy Apartments

I first paid a quick visit to Lotte Tower.

Well, as long as you say it's a crosswalk...

What exactly are we walking across again?

Anyway, inside the complex.

Pretty empty, but there were always people on the move.

Inside an apartment.

I've seen this map before. It shows some cultural products of South Korea as well as the North, and throws in some bizarre things from the North like a power plant fire.

Looks like they're getting ready for asbestos abatement.

I was careful to make sure nobody was looking whenever I was near a window. Probably too careful.

Not my favourite type of roof.

Those over there would be nicer.

There seemed to be more activity on that block.

I left and peeked under the fence, where I saw this graffiti.

I decided to try to hit some roofs to see if I could get a better overview.

Failed to get up to a roof but at least I was able to peek out a window.

Over by one of the gates, I noticed a lot of traffic that seemed as unofficial as me.

I decided to wander this way until someone saw me and told me to leave.

This minivan was smashed up.

The streets are exceptionally eerily empty here.

The KGB came looking for me.

Some sort of daycare, I'm guessing.

Lost dog.

Hrek used to live here.

A lone scooter. The driver was probably inside somewhere.

Lots of very nice roses around here.

This car was also very abandoned.

The two right-side doors were also open.

They had these interior layers of fencing along the property, can't imagine why.

I would've loved to see this area back in its prime.

This sign seems to be for construction workers.

And this one is for the remaining residents, warning them to clear out by the end of March.

Seven kind happines.

Didn't get this image clear enough.

I saw this pouch in lots of buildings. Still unclear what it's supposed to be.

Happy Our Home.

Back out on the streets.

And back home in time for golden hour.

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