Just like at Sungkyunkwan, Jongmyo also has a path for spirits. Interesting points:
1) I like that they have actual signs telling you not to walk on the paths
2) According to other literature, the same path is called "Yeongshin" at Sunkgyunkwan
3) This path is for spirits in the middle, kings on the right, and crown princes on the left. It makes me curious whether Sungkyunkwan
originally would have had a three-lane path like this, and if that one also was ever paved in cobblestones the same way.

Our guide, Lee Bae-yong, explains the entry area. The translator is right behind her.

We enter another area. I didn't exactly catch every name. Eosulsil?

Tom darts by.


Going up for a closer look of Jeongjeon.

Pano 1 and Pano 2

Our guide leads us through the pavilion part.

We had a rare opportunity to go inside the building.

The tablets to former kings are uncovered. I'd assume they wouldn't be careless enough to keep anything authentic in here at this point, though.

I wandered away on my own a bit.

Looking back at the group.

Looking back from farther.

After the group moved on, I had a closer look at the tablets.

The workers patiently waited for us to leave before packing up.

Out front on the cobblestone square.

An attempt to get the whole thing in frame without a wide-angle lens.

They said it was lucky to get a group photo here. A Joseon tradition, I'm sure.

A panorama of Yeongnyeongjeon <>p At the end, there was a brief concert.

I spent a bunch of time trying to photograph this tile.

No HDR at all.

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