First, a quick stop by Hyang Music in Sinchon.

Next, this is the former site of Daju Arcade, now a parking lot.

Here's the former location of the first Skunk Hell, still with its original graffiti, which might be some of the oldest surviving graffiti in Hongdae if not the whole country.

Here is where the Gyeongui Line used to run. Now it's buried underground, and beneath that is the AREX Line.

Kuchu Camp is still around, despite being one of the more low-key venues of the area.

Badabie is supposed to be closing soon.

WASP is long gone, and I'm not so sure Sky High is still open.

Here's the former location of Duriban and the first two 51+ Festivals.

Sometimes it's easy to forget that Hongdae is also the site of Hongik University.

Hongdae Playground.

Former location of Club Spot.

DGBD is still there, despite not really doing much these days.

Club FF is still going strong.

As is Club Ta.

Here's the former location of Club Drug/Skunk Hell II.

This graffiti must date back to about 2008.

Rolling Hall celebrated its 20th anniversary this year, though it only moved to this location in Hongdae in 2000.

Ruailrock is pretty new, and has become one of the more serious venues considering all the other closures.

And here's Yogiga.

On the way home, traffic cops.

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