RASKB Songdo Tour

Here's a group photo in Central Park.

We saw the miniatures in Compact Smart City.

This is Gyeongwonru, modeled after Gyeongbokgung's Gyeonghoeru. It serves as an event room.

The lobby of the Gyeongwonjae Ambassador has a 2 billion KRW mother of pearl artwork.

The view from inside the complex is unbeatable.

You call that a bathtub?

...This is a bathtub.

Standing here gave me a flashback to this.

Another group picture with Paul's face conspicuously darkened out.

Crossing the bridge.

Just ten seconds later we got asked to leave because it was closing time.

The tour ended at G-Tower and we split up to go toward the bus or the subway. Going toward the subway took us on some of the closed roads. I don't know what Witold thinks he's doing.

We went through Canal Walk to see what it was like.

I guess someone finally decided "The Blackface" was too racist.

We stopped by Cinder Bar, to find the place filled and a country band playing.

The RASKB people gathered upstairs where there was more room and we could see the band.

On the bus home.

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