Monkey Business Show

I arrived just in time to see the end of Madox, but didn't get any pictures.

The next band was Fishingirls. I must be getting them mixed up with another band, because I had thought they were all guys and the name was probably ironic.

Taking pictures in this venue is a Russian roulette of hoping you get the right setting. So you have to shoot a lot and hope you get a few good ones.

Next band was Seoul Dolmangchi.

Yeah yeah, you're in a picture.

That's more like it.

No, Youngsam is not leaning in for a kiss. They declared they're not ever going to be a GASH band.

Time for alcohol.

Yes, Jinyong is there at the front for every band.

Next band was Green Flame Boys. I almost didn't recognise Kicheol in his suit.


Kicheol's face is so close to the monkey in the background that I would understand if he felt bad about these pictures.

These guys got on stage and jumped back and forth for a couple minutes.

Yeah, that's Smurfette alright.

This is the most Ken-looking shot of the night.

The show ended with Joongshiki.

They really like squatting.

And yes, Jinyong joins them on stage at the end.

They wanted a group picture of everyone at the show. It took me a couple shots to warm up my camera.

Probably the best one.

Okay, that's a wrap everyone.

Is it just me or is that squatting woman logo just a little too erotic?

We went out for jokbal after, which was better than I remembered. I sat across from a French guy and Youngsam.

Then we went back to Monkey Business where they were having another afterparty.

We rescued Jihoon from the protest and he got a copy of the zine.

This one is from me doing my Ken impression. Literally, I'm wearing Ken's face courtesy of the back cover of Broke.

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