Songdo Again

I started this trip out by Campus Town. There was nothing to see there.

Good slogan.

Did I stumble into West Edmonton Mall?

This isn't Central Park, but Sunrise Park.

This isn't Pyongyang. Their buildings are more colourful.

A phone booth in the City of Tomorrow.

There's Convensia, in front of NEATT.

This map shows Incheon Tower (under construction), which as far as I know is dead in the water. Originally supposed to be 151 storeys tall, it was cut down to 102, and now cut down to 0.

Another view of Convensia.

A mini-library in Central Park.

Elderly women groom the lawn in Central Park.

Where the sidewalk ends.

This map shows more details of what is planned for here.

As well as miniatures.

Some of these buildings don't look straight.

This one just needs a breather.

One kind of surprising book here.

Anyway, there are plans to build a Costco in the area.

A useful real estate place.

Next stop, Tomorrow City, which offers 70-minute tours complete with robots, virtual reality, and more!

Where is everybody?

Some pretty impressive spelling here. "Air Fort" does sound pretty impressive.

...And it closed in 2011.

This picture was taken just as a remaining worker emerged to ask me not to take pictures.

Next: NEATT.

First, gotta munch on some some sliders with bearded bikers.

The observation deck of NEATT is there, just not open to the public.

A pretty good view.

There's Sunrise Park.

And there's Central Park.

Pretty empty.

You can see Tomorrow City down there behind Orakai.

The research district is a smaller scale.

Anyway, I was told that the observation deck isn't open because they don't have anyone to manage it.

I decided to go to Central Park to sit and watch the rain.

Plus, rabbits.

And deer. This day, this section of the park was closed to visitors for some reason.

Yes, that is a radiation warning.

Are they mining uranium?

These are safety rules for escalators.

  • No standing at the bottom.
  • The handrail isn't slippery.
  • Be careful shoes don't get stuck.
  • Drinking and taking the escalator is dangerous.
  • No passing (I think).
  • Taking pictures is not wanted.
  • Hitting your head on extrusions.
  • Together with seniors and guardians.

    Waiting for a train.

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