Our tour begins in old Songdo, not far from Songdo Station on the Suin Line. This old area used to have an ocean view not far from the beach before Songdo came along.

As best as I can tell, this tunnel is part of the Suin Line, which hasn't progressed much lately due to funds.

Right in the middle of the International Business District.

Looking down on Central Park.

On a previous visit, this building was open and there was a model apartment on the main floor. I'd been able to get up to the roof without any fuss. Now it's locked up and vacant.

That's where they're building a performance hall of some kind.

Most of this stuff is still under construction.

Way in the distance, you can see the Jack Nicklaus Golf Course.

Looking toward the mainland.

There's the Tri-Bowl, and behind it in the shadow is Compact Smart City.

I think on my last visit I hit one of these roofs.

The bridge to Airport Island.

I think I was about 47 floors up.

This thing really looks like a sand crawler up close.

A surprisingly pleasant ocean view.

With razor wire.

And fishing.

From Jack Nicklaus Golf Course, we look toward the main area of Songdo.

Moving a few blocks closer, we get a completely different view with the same buildings in the background. Central Park essentially stretches from the jagged G-Tower on the left with the Pac-Man mouth observation area, to the gourd-shaped NEATT on the right.

The roads have been completed and even the grass is cared for.

Looking up NEATT.

Behind NEATT.

This is a Holly's Coffee in the Songdo Hanok Village.

Central Park is full of activity.

This is the ferry that runs through Central Park.

This appears to be a reconstruction of Gyeonghoeru. The buildings of this complex are named after Gyeongbokgung, Hanyang, and Holly's Coffee.

A more typical urban Korean street scene.

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