An oddly attractive grouping of buildings and trees.

Life in the urban valley.

So that's where this stuff comes from.

Subway station under construction. It's unlocked because there are workers down there.

Valley walls.

These ones kind of remind me of robots.
I found this one nice organic area in the middle of Incheon. Not surprisingly, it's all slated for redevelopment as part of a New Town.


It's a fairly pleasant flatland.

There were a few abandoned hotel-type buildings around there.

Yes, Playboy.

This dramatic building was open.

Not open.


Not open.

Unless you're a demolition worker.

A pretty large abandoned neighbourhood.

Not all of it was already gone.

This area is quite different from Seoul architecture.

Lots of mold.

I wore the wrong shoes to go that way.

There was a constant parade of trucks going by. When I was filming a video on my phone with one, the driver shouted "Have a nice day!" at me.

Abandoned neighbourhoods are always a good place for viewing spring blossoms.

The worker in the distance with the white helmet had followed me a bit, but seemed unconcerned with my presence.

If you want a vision of the future, imagine a foot stamping on a human face -- forever.

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