Broke in Korea 10th Anniversary Show

Iain ended up being our sound guy.

Jaehyeon was surprised to see Ken staring at him.

Ken was running around getting right up close to people with his camera.

Redboi wants your money.

The shirt says white power but the noodles say nope.

Joongshik's wardrobe, as fuzzy as ever.

Dramatic lighting on this reunion of people who met on Christmas.

This is probably still practice. We had to wait until 7 before we could make much noise at all.

This looks like the actual set.

They got the front row to sit.

I bet Ken misses Korea right now.

Jen and George brought homebrewed beer.

Hey, where'd Tyler go?

Oh, he seems to be doing something with musical instruments.

Not exactly slowdance music for anyone else.

Next band was Her Collection.

Facing away from the audience worked well for me.

Next was Jordan River.

The Kitsches.

Next band was Chongkook.

Now it's ...What Do You Mean?

Jeff just notices there's a CIA agent in the band.

Yuppie Killer did not have a long set.

We've been drinking a lot -- when's this coming battle?

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