April Fools' Day

What a perverse name. I hope the government does change it.

I went out to a recently spotted abandoned building just a bit east.

Not the safest wall to walk across.

It did not smell good here.

Well that's a possible closing date.

I suppose I could've considered eating here.

No connection with the cult.

Looks like it was kind of a karaoke bar.

My best guess is she owned/hosted it.

That vivid yellow is because the room on the other side was covered in yellow plastic wrap.

There was a one-room-tel in the building.

Old TVs on the roof.

The front office of the one-room-tel.

Next I went to Dongdaemun to scout out a highrise that seems to be inactive.

Pretty big, pretty central location.


And it turns out, not so inactive.

I can't even imagine what they're doing here. Well, at least the why.

Quite a contrast between these buildings.

Back on the street level, it's easy to ignore whatever's happening on the other side of that fence.

A quick stop over at Seochon, where other than this building things look a little nicer.

Trees around Cheong Wa Dae.

A slightly unclear protest in Insadong.

Terrible couples outfit: red jackets and matching hats that say "Defy."


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