Bye Ken
And Nels
And Jessica
(And kind of Tyler)

First, here's some precarious demolition happening right by Yangjae Station.

And here's a horse with two assholes.

A precarious protest held above some inflatable landing pads.

Ken and Jeff came to my area to film a music video for "Punk Rock Tourist."

Did they get this one yet on Ugly Churches of Korea? Also, is that supposed to be the Ark?

Inside an abandoned house.

Our goal is those two apartments on the ridge.

Still reminds me of a poor job of dentistry.

The garden around back may still be active.

Love doll.

From the green giant looking at the red one.

The blue-haired giant.

There was an album of old greeting cards dating back to the '80s.

Climbing over razor wire.

We found fermenting fish packed with salt and covered in black mold.

No. To answer your question, no.

Some interesting imagery in Jessica's earrings.


Three friends who will not be here much longer.

Huqueymsaw dog meat.


Leaping or being crucified.

A more terrifying version.

A taint shot of an old picture of mine.
Looking back the other way.



Harry Potter fight.

Now just Nels. We accidentally cropped out Ken.

Time for some Ken pictures.

Too much light.

Jessica goes in close.

Ken pops a squat.



Getting ready.





All three...



Looking for a taxi.

We went to This is Chicken for Ken's farewell party, bringing along two others about to depart.

We ordered onion rings so Nels could properly propose to Sohhee.

And the rings are on.

Time to take it to the next level.

Rings consumed.

Heading home.

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