North of Seoul

Over on the other side of Bugaksan you can find a lot of very nice houses, many belonging to foreign ambassadors.

This was part of a home under construction.

Mexican barbed wire.

I happened across the Canadian ambassador's residence up on Arirang Road.

I stopped to look at some signs about the area to find my way.

Bus stop.

I stopped at one building that was high up on a cliff overlooking a valley.

The yellowish apartment complex to the right is the former location of an abandoned neighbourhood I visited in 2010.

Pretty dangerous space for gardening.

I was wondering if those two buildings were abandoned.

Somewhere around here is a restoration project that Cho In-souk designed. I thought maybe this one, but probably not.

I suspect it was this one.

They spelled MC Escher wrong.

Second time I've come across "High Noon." Were there a lot of gunfighters in Korea when these were built?

Okay, it is abandoned for sure.

Which makes the following pictures difficult to take with just my prime lens and my smartphone.

There was quite a lot of stuff left inside some of the units.

Here's a pile of records.

Cho Yong-pil featured prominently in the collection.

There were a few calendars around, but this one points to early 2011.

Here's the view out the front window.

I recently went by a prosthetics store and I think they had this in there too.

Removed toilet.

Next door was a pretty active apartment complex.

An interesting looking machine.

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