Millie wakes up in the afternoon, ready for an exciting day of birdwatching.

Out on the street, where there used to be a restaurant.

Mortis, what an awful sounding brand name. It sounds like death. Why can't they pick a decent name, like "BrownBreath"?

Good slogan.

Millie's first up-close look at a pigeon.

This is her "Don't ruin it for me" face she's making at me.

The bird doesn't go far.

We were trying to coax it over to eat out of the styrofoam seed thing. Note Millie's ear pressed up against the screen.

Bird 2 arrives.

There was a bit of pushing and shoving between the birds.

Buster wants to see.

Birds and cats, not so different.

Right up close. Millie backed off, giving herself room to pounce.

The birds know they can't do anything.

One bird.

Two birds.

One bird.

Two birds?

One bird?

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