Susaek Show

This is the venue, right outside Susaek Station exit 1.

The first band I saw was Yuppie Killer.

The lighting here consisted of static spotlights that didn't always line up with the performers.

I was unable to physically observe it, but looking at my drummer pictures, it appears there was a strobe somewhere on stage.

Graham gets lost inside the drumkit.

That's a lot of microphones.

Next band was Huqueymsaw.

Jihoon's hair was much more in the way than last week's show.

We were allowed to drink backstage.

The makeup comes off.

Next was Seoul Dolmangchi.

Jihoon jumped on stage to give him a kiss.

We finally found our way up to the roof.

t takes practice to climb up and down a ladder with an open beer.

I didn't get much of Scumraid due to bad lighting.

Better lighting backstage.

Next was Kuang Program.

There's a pretty extensive space under the stage.

Now here's Yamagata Tweakster.

Ken gurns for the camera.

Jen looks at the results.

We found another place to drink behind a curtain for a bit.

Iain found another place to drink in the room.

The show goes outside.

And then we follow Han Vad into traffic.

Maybe not our best life choice.

Now we're trapped.

Almost there!

Show's over.

Yes, he is.


This is just nightmarish.

Another night, another picture of roadwork.

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