Return to Yongma Land

This is the view from a roof down by the street.

And that building is pretty interesting.

This is the sign at the front. While we were there, we saw many people show up and call the number, and the owner Youn Seong-gu hurried over to collect their 5000 KRW and let them in.

This mascot head had been left lying around.

I don't remember these from before.

Dumbo came in for a hard landing.

And the ROKMC is buried under brush.

This thing is awesome looking.

Part of a helicopter.

Rather than an abandoned amusement park, this seems to be an amusement park junkyard. Lots of rides seem to be bought from other parks.

This is what happens when you set a piano on fire.

Land ho!

An overview of the park.

And from the other side looking back.

Perturbed octopus.

Dueling elephant trunks.

This also was a costume you could wear, if you were skinny and resistant to heat.

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