We The North

Stopping by to see an old friend.

Yes, that friend is Totoro.

Honestly not the sort of music I expected to see here.

This home was full of thermometers.

Old Woman Going to Hong Kong.

Perfect badass face-blurring action mixed with perfect badass floral wallpaper.

A road up through the new apartment complex across the street.

This wall had a bunch of footprints in it.

First time I saw "Balloon Stix" I straight up thought they were sex toys.

On Javin's last visit he took a picture of a motorcyclist in almost the exact same spot.

Demolition hasn't progressed since the last visit.

That's a pretty lousy skull. I'm not sure I'd be afraid for my life if this was the quality of hired goons they sent after me.

The fire company was on hand.

So was the peeling paint company.

This stairway was impossible to resist.

The wallpaper scheme was easier to resist.

Not convinced it's been abandoned this long.

The neighbourhood's sketchiest stairs.

Korean roofs.

A rooftop camera duel.

I never really got this shot to focus properly.

Alright couch.

This apartment had a bunch of inspirational messages on the walls that were bullshit.

You fool, this would tear the planet apart.

A subway poster for something happening at Dong Cult Park.

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