March 1st

Scooter dog.

Paul plays the didgeridoo to a captive audience.

The ceiling of the oil tank.

March of the Australians.


After I took this, I dropped my lenscap and had to go all the way down to get it.

Next, we hit a roof in Digital Media City.

That's a bad sign if you have to print a "for rent" sign that size.

Always higher.

This is somewhere I wanted to get last time I hit this roof.

My camera bag didn't come with me.

Packing up.

The stargate is closed down.

Though we could see the window to the mirror universe.

Giant mirror balls.

There, that should save lives.

What a terrible slogan.

There used to be a shantytown around here.

Back in Hongdae.

We stopped by the lamb cafe to confirm it was real.

And we ended up at Magpie as usual.

Then we passed by the new cotton candy dog.

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