Holy Mackerel Village

On the train.

What a great sign for convincing people to clean up their trash.

Did it work?

Another abandoned wasteland.

But this one is so much bigger.

Click for a full version.

Jets blasted overhead, spraying us with chemtrails. Which are totally a real thing.

Abandoned bike.

Dramatic poses.

Ryan leads us on.

Some interesting architecture.

Some very offensive hired goon graffiti.

Not about the same Sohhee in our group.

Why are you alive?


Die prostitute.

Flower snake, which is a term for a flirtatious girl.

Random shoes around a couple corners.

Ryan's favourite building.

Yeah, he could live here.

Smushed shoe.

Anyway, time for some of the best barbecue of all time.

And a pyramid of beer.

The window is closed on demolition in Insadong for the holiday.

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