The auditorium.

We went right to the Nightmare Lab.

The water level on the specimens seems to be dropping.

Also, I hadn't noticed before, but the dates on the specimens are very old. 1958?

Hello Mr Toad.


This one looks especially poorly preserved.

Dog skeleton.

Japanese porn in a jar.

Ah! Goguryeo...

Someone left some vodka sitting around...

Ever wonder what Korean keyboards used to look like? This is before they had computers to process the syllables and format as you typed. There used to be quite a different positioning for many of the consonants.

There are also some combinations of consonants in the right corner that you wouldn't see anymore.

Obscure mid-'90s idols.

Japanese handwarmer? Are haikyo people coming here from Japan now?

The animal breeding lab had a Pelican Fried Chicken sticker on it. What kind of abomination are they growing, breeding pelicans and chickens?

Empty hallway.

Not empty hallway.

Classroom with blackboard.

Old school Kyochon ad.


Super computer.

Roof weirdos.

Bottled Canadian.


Waiting outside the washroom.

An abandoned dormitory.

The abandoned cafeteria.

The basement was thoroughly flooded.

A.S.S. Panel.

This place was too alarmed for our whole group.

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