Empty Embassy Compound

Oh look, an actual UE art gallery.

And this is what the EEC looks like during daylight.

There's Beopryunsa.

There was a puddle of deeply coloured water.

And a big speed bump.

I'm starting to think these aren't from the embassy buildings, but older archaeological footprints that may have been uncovered after demolition.

Looking north.

There's the front gate. There's a guard shack to the left and a more rudimentary construction shack to the right.

This back corner was cordoned off with a different sort of wall.

The imbalance in depths from one side to the next was extreme. Certainly not my first choice for jumping.

This lump looked grave-ish.

More remains.

Predictably, the weed ecosystem here was impressive. Don't go in during the warmer months.

If a corpse plant and a triffid had a baby.

This looks like an abandoned archaeological excavation.

Outside the wall.

It's way taller than a microvan.

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