Guryong Village

Crossing over the overpass.

In that direction I can see Hyundai headquarters.

The land next to the village was well manicured.

And there's the edge of the village.

Going up one of the alleys.

Considering recent events, the firefighters did not want to go far.

Lots of homes built over the water.

One of Seoul's richest apartment complexes is easily visible in the distance.

Many of the homes are made with whatever materials are available.

A church.

Shantytown cat.

Charcoal is big business here.

As is gas.

Slightly more ironic building materials.

Looking out over the village.

Yes, another cat.

A garbage cat, but let's be honest: this is every cat's secret fantasy.

Less ironic than the apartment buildings tarp, but weirder looking.

These puppies headed right for me. Their mom who was tied up barked in the background.

They wouldn't leave me alone.

This area seems like it was all for crops, but I guess due to redevelopment plans nobody's bothering.

There was a lot of dog barking in this area.

I hope you don't have to use the washroom.

In order to make this turn, the driver honked so the store owner would come out and lower his canopy.

This is where the fire happened.

This was put up three days after the fire.

Right in front of the smashed community center was a cafe catering to hikers.

Workers were rooting around inside.

Here's the background on what happened here. Long story short, an army of hired goons was sent in to hurt people and tear down a building, apparently for revenge.

What a happy scene.

Happy Guryong Village.

I decided to circle around the center and got completely lost.

The sun is setting.

Even here they have female priority parking.

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