Abandoned Ski Resort

The snow was pristine so we tried to make as few tracks as possible.

The alley wasn't complete, but they already had customised bowling balls.

Our goal: the clocktower.

We stayed along the edge to avoid making footprints.

We got onto the ski hill.

Getting closer.

The way was not so easy.

This is clearly abandoned under construction.

Graffiti in the elevator room from 1998, apparently.

Oops, this picture is upside down.

Would you go up the skeezy ladder?

The view from the clock.

Looking down at the clock face.

Our shadow.

Okay, we're done here. I really don't like heights.

Never did figure out what those things were.

There was one worker on site most of the time we were there.

Up on the roof proper.


On the way down.

Back up the way we came.

On our way down, we had a closer look at this building.

Next, we'll make it to the chairlifts.

Time to call home.

Dissected pool table.

Pretty big chandelier.

This area reeked of bird crap. I did not stay long.

I'm thinking now this is a painting, not a real photograph.

Taint shotting Nick Iacovino's 10 Magazine cover photo. He obviously was there in way better lighting.


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