Javin 2015

Leaving work.

I went to Seoul Station, the nearest place I could think to find an HDMI cable.

Reshoot on the way out. This with the previous shot's lighting.

Millie likes watching things on the new TV.

A grey day over Cheonggyecheon.

Until the blue hour.

Paul looks down on his domain, the longest wheelchair ramp I've ever seen.

We returned to the abandoned penthouse, to find it all smashed up.

The ceiling hid this wooden plaque which we couldn't quite decipher in its incompletion.

Josh makes a pose while taking a picture.

I don't think this building could have been built in 1997. Maybe just a patch to a hole in the ceiling then?

"Good grief!"

Slipping through a hole in the fence.

When it rains, drains.

Time to leave.

When it rains, no rules about subways.

This is a quagmire we had to climb through.

Oxygen and acetylene. Not as crazy as the time I found TNT.

What's the best way to motivate underground construction workers? How about some Talmud quotes? May your career grow into something profitable, like world banking or Hollywood.

Leave everything cleaner than you found it.

Reading the Talmud quote.


Meanwhile, Millie has been watching TV at home.

The Eye of Sauron sees all.

We stopped by Magpie Hongdae.

For haircuts.

Javin looks like a trilobite now.

And one final freezing cold roof.

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