Drone Strike 2015

I interrupted a cat parliament session.

The mokyoktang on my street is still left in the same condition.

Waiting in Jongno 3ga.


There was demolition happening over there.

And this was happening in the other direction.

Preparing to launch.

This is the house where Totoro lives.

He's not used to there being this much sunlight.

He decided to move in with Ganesha across the street.

Hired goon graffiti.

Smashing another roof.

The view here was pretty good.

The tall building on the end is also abandoned.

Layers of ice and ginkgo.

A quick escape before the taxi drivers get us.

From another angle.

Oh look, river.

I thought I was about to pull a Josepha Chung but it was just taxi drivers burning stuff in a barrel for heat.

This is pretty enough to be part of a toy train set.

One weird ladder up to the roof.

Done up there.

Inside a two-storey abandoned penthouse.

Oh, so that's where this area gets its name.

Need to reshoot this with a tripod.

Yongsan Station skating rink.


Overlooking the tent village.

One picture that will probably look better soon.

The light was fading so we quickly hit a roof and got up just for the last five minutes of blue hour.

I probably could've used a tripod.

Our mathematician supervises.

Camera duel.

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