RASKB Tour of Kyung Hee University Natural History Museum with Verv

And here's our guide.

The staircase of the six-floor building has these murals going all the way up.

The murals get progressively weirder.

Yes, this is in a Natural History museum.

Oughtopia is a concept created by KHU founder Choue Young Seek. It is basically the word "utopia" with a hat on it. It misses the point of the word "utopia" sort of in the same way that the slogan "Life is Wonderfull" misses the point of the word "wonderful." Anyway, calling your goal the construction of an oughtopia rather than a utopia probably isn't much help in skipping the usual mistakes utopians commit.



Butterflies from Denmark.

This tiny owl is the cutest I've ever seen.

A group photo with the bear.

The architecture at this campus was pretty impressive.

And they have an official fleet of microvans.

I believe that this is the exact same statue used at the fake Pimatgol in front of Le Meilleur Jongno Town, only without the horse and sitting at a different angle.

Zeinab spilled makgeolli all over Verv's pants. At least we think it was makgeolli.

He continues lecturing.

This was our 3cha.

The dome is a total facade, but Zeinab wants to live in it.

Time to get out of there.

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