The Bone Tunnel

You have to get through a lot of warehouses, junkyards, and so on to get there.

The entrance to the bone tunnel.

Marsha was taking a video on her phone and I didn't notice.

This is why we call it the bone tunnel.

Almost all of the jawbones are lined up at random spots along the tunnel, all pointing toward the tunnel exit. Our best theory is there's a restaurant upstream that serves animal heads and discards parts through a drain. We don't know what animal it is, but pig, cow, and lamb have been floated around. Google image searches of each animal's jawbone shows that none of them are an exact match, but what else could there be? Maybe it's just accounting for ethnic differences?
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Anyway, we thought we heard something ahead, so we opened fire.

A Ukrainian ghost haunts this tunnel.

The only way to exorcise a Ukrainian ghost is when another 1.375 Ukrainians.

This one was way louder than the earlier ones.

Marsha aimed one up at the ceiling and it bounced around a bit.

This one bounced, flew back down, then tumbled down the tunnel and burned out in one spot.

Then we started walking briskly for the exit. This is the first time in urban exploring history that people left the tunnel not at a brisk run.

Marsha has to drive home to Changwon in this thing.

Take this for protection.

Another kind of tunnel.

Finally found some monsters, only after I left the tunnel.

Cat Food Monster.

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