Some of the attractions along line 2.

Coming down the subway station stairs.

And that's a prison. That looks like a factory.

That housing is part of the prison property.

Peering over the fence, we see many fences.

Not the easiest.

Roof couch.

Another guard tower. There's a school across the street from this, which might account for the closure.

This looks like the main gate.

Another prisonish property across the street.

According to Jackson Hung, From Left to right, the first 6 characters roughly translates to "be on alert/standby" and the remaining 4 means "to complete (the task I assume) with responsibility."

Weird statue in front of a bank.

A very digital place.

A closer look at the housing.

Including a playground.

From higher up.

An aerial view of the prison.

Security is tight.

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