Around the Neighbourhood

In bed with Buster.

And Millie.

When my parents were here, they found a construction site with a sign saying "Meat Master" and I was hopeful a decent burger place would be coming to the neighbourhood. Turns out, just a Kraze Burger.

Here's another property that might be a restaurant soon.

It's pretty cleanly gutted and waiting for a new owner.

This one, not so much.

Santa Claus comes bearing gifts.

Someone in a nearby building saw Santa, but maybe she thought she was seeing things.

This place was a neighbourhood landmark for a long time. I wonder what it will become next.

An interesting map of Seoul. I can't quite figure out where Gyeongbokgung is, unless it's that small enclosed compound to the west? This map really makes Bukchon look huge then.

Another Hanok in a transitive state.

Santa has trouble with these roofs.

Sunset over Bukchon.


Walking through the alleys.

Back home under the watchful eyes of Millie.

This is what it looks like on the empty embassy compound at night. Just darkness, washed out by all the buildings.

Not the sort of land you'd want to walk through.

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