Penthouse Party

Moving in day.

There's the view of Gangnam, with Lotte Tower in the distance.

Looking out over the former location of Dankook University.

Lots of highrises.

Our cordial host.

And our hostess, Yuna.

Not the greatest sky conditions.

That's the penthouse, both storeys of it. It's divided into two units vertically. The windows on the left belong to other people and I had to be careful of their privacy.

Joshua tries out the tongsis.

It's getting darker.

I prefer the last one, but for some perspective, here you can see both sides of the river.

This is the third time I've met Matt, always on roofs.

I can see one abandoned neighbourhood in this picture.

A better view of Dankook.

Then the bridge lit up.

We all came inside to warm up.

Yuna came upstairs, which I'm told is not allowed.

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